Our Vision


With the mission of "Creating Opportunities and Changing Lives", BISHCOTEX is viewed as the supporting unit in the state, contributing the maximum to its social, economical, and cultural upliftment, rise and growth. Our vision associated with the organisation focuses on the following –


Women have the power to give life and BISHCOTEX believes that she is naturally empowered to change lives as well. Playing an important role in a family she creates a better half of the society.

The golden history of the nation points to the fact that the future of the nation cannot be directed towards ‘Glory’ without women's participation.


The women's employment is a matter of major concern of the organisation so as to make themself dependent. Through BISHCOTEX each woman earns around Rs. 4000/- to Rs. 5000/- per month, which enables them to look after their family well, educate their children, and contribute to the betterment of the family as well as society.


BISHCOTEX vision does not limit to its own growth and profits, but it also sees that each human effort associated with the organisation is valued. We view each of our artisan and weaver as stakeholder in the Union. We see them as the owners of the organisation, and BISHCOTEX as an entity which stands fully for their benefits, growth and development. Implementation of various schemes, project plans and each plan of action is framed for maximum benefits of the weavers, their personal development, capacity building, trust building, financial upliftment, and social rise.