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Our Mission

Our mission expands towards fulfilling cummulative dreams through the creation of sustainable livelihood models based on handloom.


Through maximum utilisation of natural resources and labour power available in the rural areas of the state, BISHCOTEX aims to provide each hand its value and add to employment and income generation.

Bright future

The cottage and household industries have the potential to become the backbone to the state economy and can generate maximum employment with minimum cost ensuring a bright future.


BISHCOTEX provides support to promote handloom & tasar silk production. Cotton handloom, Tasar products, and various other forms of human art, have gained new horizons through BISHCOTEX.


BISHCOTEX is a step towards the creation of an era of financial revolution throughout the state. The potentials of the state have been explored by BISHCOTEX, the goals have been set and the path has been built to achieve. Also, the journey to financial revolution has begun. BISHCOTEX focuses mainly on the upliftment of the rural areas, self help groups, and cottage and household industries to bring about a noticeable change in the financial status of the rural sector of the state contributing to the whole of the economy of the state.

Each woman associated with the organisation, earning Rs. 4000-5000/- per month, surely proves the changes being brought about in these remote areas. Also the rate of migration of people to other states going down ensures that the revolution would soon be very prominent and success rate would be quite high.



BISHCOTEX vision also includes bringing about a positive change in the social status of the people along with their economic growth. We aim to bring about an effective change in the standard of living, as well as a way of thinking of the people associated with the organisation. BISHCOTEX promotes trust building among people alongwith team spirit. Education of children, respectful position of women in the society and family, health values, quality lifestyle, and healthy work atmosphere for all is highly valued by BISHCOTEX.


BISHCOTEX is an undertaking which is managed by a team of qualified and dedicated professionals. The services and efficiencies of these hardworking professionals are pooled at BISHCOTEX and are directed towards focusing objectives and goals. The organisation stands with a vision to establish as an organisation which provides a healthy workplace to the people associated with the organisation where they are exposed to continuous learning experiences, providing them with opportunities of self development. We focus on making it a company where people are happy to work. BISHCOTEX is a professionally managed organisation under the guidance of its board of directors and Managing Director. BISHCOTEX has an efficient, professional team of accountants, financial & legal advisors, marketing managers, production and design unit which contribute to the management of the organisation.It has also a team of qualified Technical Professional.They help the organisation in production of quality products.


The design unit of BISHCOTEX has professional designers from institutions like NIFT & NID who provide design assistance to the artisans so that they can meet the existing trends in the market, compete with the other players in the market and attract youth section of the society.